Matt Adopts Stormy

6Stormy, has been adopted by a Veteran named Matt. Stormy’ s new home with Matt is in Kingfisher, OK. Matt drove to Tulsa this past weekend and met Stormy, after he had filled out our adoption papers, and passed our adoption check of references. It was a great match, and we were able to send Stormy off to her new home with Matt. Matt served a tour of duty in Iraq, and was looking for a companion dog. He heard about G.I. Wishes from his friend Adam, who adopted Jack from us last year. Thanks to the donation of dog goodies made possible by Sara, the 11 year old birthday girl, we were able to send food, bedding, and some dog toys along with them. G.I. Wishes also donated a crate for Stormy. Stormy, Matt, and the crate are shown in the picture attached.