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1Tank was adopted to Lesley and her family. Lesley’s husband served several tours in the middle east, and has now returned home.

IMAG0045Meet Jerry(the veteran) and Buddy(the dog).  When Jean at Tulsa Animal Welfare called G.I. Wishes, it was to ask for help.  Jean had taken in a new dog, Buddy, and Buddy was in dire shape.  He had been abused by his owner, and near death.  Thanks to her great care and the wonderful medical care offered at Tulsa Animal Welfare(TAW), Buddy was on the mend.  The problem was that Buddy needed more care than they could really offer.  Jean’s question to G.I. Wishes was did we have a Veteran who could care for and nurse Buddy back to health, acting as a foster family, until Buddy was healed?  Through our affiliation with The Coffee Bunker in Tulsa, and our contact with Mary, there, they arranged for the Veteran, Jerry to consider fostering Buddy.  Jerry is a partially-sighted Veteran who is awaiting the arrival of a seeing-eye dog, sometime in May or June of 2012, so the timing of this match-up could not have been better.  Through the joint efforts of TAW, The Coffee Bunker, G.I. Wishes, Jean, Jerry, Buddy, Mary, Barbara, and Rob, Jerry and Buddy met for the first time on Thursday afternoon, March 1st, 2012.  Buddy and Jerry bonded almost immediately.  Buddy goes with Jerry to The Coffee Bunker, and he is the center of attention.  Jerry, thank you for all you are doing to heal Buddy, and Buddy, thanks for being Jerry’s friend.  Jerry and Buddy are pictured leaving TAW on March 1st for Buddy’s new home.

4 3When Sara was considering a party for her 11th birthday, she learned of G.I. Wishes. She and her mother decided to ask all for her friends attending her party, to donate items for G.I. Wishes, instead of birthday presents for Sara.  This young lady decided she wanted to do something for Vets and Pets rather than for herself.  Sara is pictured standing beside all of the donated material. The second picture shows her holding up a G.I. Wishes T-shirt, her reward for this selfless act. Her real reward was the feeling she had in doing something for Veterans and animals. Sara, we applaud your spirit of giving. Thanks for all you and your mother did.

6Stormy, has been adopted by a Veteran named Matt. Stormy’ s new home with Matt is in Kingfisher, OK. Matt drove to Tulsa this past weekend and met Stormy, after he had filled out our adoption papers, and passed our adoption check of references. It was a great match, and we were able to send Stormy off to her new home with Matt. Matt served a tour of duty in Iraq, and was looking for a companion dog. He heard about G.I. Wishes from his friend Adam, who adopted Jack from us last year. Thanks to the donation of dog goodies made possible by Sara, the 11 year old birthday girl, we were able to send food, bedding, and some dog toys along with them. G.I. Wishes also donated a crate for Stormy. Stormy, Matt, and the crate are shown in the picture attached.